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Inventors and practitioners of the FLEX™ Service Design approach to user centric design and delivery of technology. Our tried and tested method builds on agile, lean and design thinking to rapidly deliver innovative new products and services, whether you have in-house capability or are looking for a full service agency to build and deliver.


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We have been crafting innovative and highly engaging digital products and services for nearly twenty years. Now, bringing our experience to life through FLEX™ we can help you to realise the benefits of digital transformation. One of the leading Service Design agencies, we bring a wealth of experience and talent from working with leading global brands to deliver amazing and engaging digital experiences.


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During the last three decades, economic conditions have changed fundamentally in western industrial nations. Without doubt, a fundamental change from a manufacturing society to an information- and service-based economy is discernable. While the share of services in the gross economic product is around 60-70%, business start-ups and new jobs can almost exclusively be found in the tertiary sector. Along with such rapid developments came new economic challenges.In the past, investments within research and design were made primarily in the manufacturing industry. Means and processes of production were optimised, products innovated, and investments in market research, marketing and design of products were made as a matter of cause while research, development and design for services was an exception. This situation is now changing essentially – and this is where Service Design comes in.Within Service Design, Service Interfaces are designed for intangible products that are, from the customer’s point of view, useful, profitable and desirable, while they are effective, efficient and different for the provider.Service Designers visualize, formulate and choreograph solutions that are not yet available. They watch and interpret needs and behaviours and transform them into potential future services. In the process, exploring, generating and evaluating approaches are used similarly and a redesign of existing services is just as much a challenge as the development of new innovative services. An exhaustive definition of the term service design can be downloaded below.

This is a text by Birgit Mager from the Design Dictionary published by Birkhäuser

The FLEX™ Service Design methodology is based on six principles that help to deliver accessible, usable, engaging and rewarding innovative products and services:

Co-organisation – shaping the right teams with high-performance skills and management capabilities
Co-discovery – exploring the problem/opportunity space to found design and delivery on solid foundations
Co-creation – collaboratively getting to breakthrough innovation through structured methods
Co-operation – building self-organizing teams, with the right tools and methods to deliver quality on time.
Co-production – empowering teams to learn and deliver through up-skilling and empathy
Co-optimisation – jointly working to deliver continuous improvement


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